【School bus arrangement】


 1. School bus routes and stations would be fully considered according to the situation of students’ application.

 2. The longest line of the school buses would not exceed 30 kilometers from the camp.

 3. The bus route time shall not exceed one and a half hours at most.

 4. The school bus would pick up and drop off students at the nearby stops around students’ location, but it is not guaranteed to reach every student's house. It is possible to choose a convenient stop to get on and off within a 10-minute walking distance.

 5. The fee for school bus is not included in the course fee, which is charged separately by1500 RMB / two weeks / person and 2250 RMB / three weeks / person.



 1. Five weeks before the opening of the camp, the school bus demands collecting process will be ended.

 2. The school bus routes and stops will be notified three weeks before the opening of the camp.

 3. Two weeks before the opening of the camp, parents should confirm the stops and pay the fees for school buses.

 4. After the bus routes and stops are announced, if there are students who temporarily would like to apply for school buses, then Only the routes and stops that have been confirmed can be selected.

 5. After the school bus arrangement is confirmed and the fees are paid, DDC would be sorry that students who give up taking the school buses will not be refunded their fees.


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