【Accommodation arrangements】

1. For students above grade 3, when selecting courses (there is no accommodation provided for students below grade 3), they need to choose whether to live in the camp school or not at the same time. once they choose to live in the camp school, the default stay time is one period, depending on the actual course duration. (excluding Friday and Saturday)

 2. Activities on Saturday and Sunday will be arranged according to actual students’ number which how many students reserve in advance. The reservation deadline is one month before the start of the camp. On the situation that less than 5 students, the activities will be canceled. The expenses for the schedule of activities will be notified and paid one week after the deadline.

 3. Students will report for duty after 17: 00 p.m. one day before the camp starts (make an reservation for dinner 3 days in advance) and leave the camp after 16: 00 p.m. on the day when the camp ends.

 4. No more than 4 students will share a room (if bunk beds are available in the school dormitory, students under Grade 6 will not be arranged to use the upper bed)

 5. Bedding and other bedding items shall be provided in a unified way, and students shall bring their own personal articles such as toiletries.

 6. students’ valuables can be handed over to and taken care of by the assigned DDC staff. 7. DDC will specially assign some staff for taking care of the residential students, who will be on duty and patrol at night.

 8.If some Students don’t need to live in the camp school dormitory a certain day under special circumstances, the camp director could only agree with his/her leaving under the condition that DDC got the written (e-mail) application from parents, in addition, it is required that both leaving and returning to camp need to sign some paperwork.

DDC schedule for residential students
07: 30

                                               Get up 

07: 30 -- 08: 00

Wash up

08: 00 -- 08: 30


08: 30 -- 09: 00

Get ready for class

09: 00 -- 16: 00


16: 00 -- 18: 00

self-study, reading or chess activities  

18: 00 -- 19: 00


19: 00 --20: 30

Group activities

 (watching movies, ball games, and other sports activities)

 20: 30 -- 21: 30.

Nightly Routine (such as taking a bath)

21: 30Lights off


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