DDC has been highly selective in recruiting outstanding teachers from the U.S.A., the U.K., Canada, Australia, etc. By the year of 2020, DDC has employed over one hundred foreign teachers, of whom:

lover 95% are from American districts with advanced educational level, such as New England, California and North Carolina;

lover 90% have teaching experience for more than 10 years;

lover 40% have teaching experience for more than 20 years;

lsix are current or were principles;

lall have education certificates of postgraduate or above and certificates related to gifted children education.


Recruitment procedure

DDC pays special attention on the teachers' teaching experience, professional knowledge, training experience, professional credentials and honors awarded. The recruitment procedure is as follows:

1. Release recruitment information.

2. Apply on-line by completing application forms of 7-8 pages to clarify their teaching objects, philosophy, credentials, awards, etc.

3. Resume selection. We pay special attention on their academic background, teaching experience and course plannings.

lAcademic background. They need to be equipped with advanced knowledge in their teaching area and certificates related to gifted children education.

lTeaching experience. They have to have abundent teaching experience related to gifted children education.

lCourse plannings. Their course plannings should be reasonable and comprehensive.

4. Interview. During the interview, our professional recruitment team in America evaluate whether they are student-centered, suitable for the grades they apply and adept in inquiry-based teaching.

5. References. We communicate with their referees regarding their teaching capabality, especially their professional in-class teaching ability and team spirit.


The leader of our American professional team is Dr. G. She is influential in the education industry in America, especially in the Problem-Based Learning area, and specialized in the gifted children education and related curriculum development as well. She was involved in the Gifted children education and research while worked at IMSA, a top public high school in America. In 2016, she was recognized as Person of Significance in gifted education from the National Society for Gifted and Talented and received Provost’s Award for Teaching Excellence from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


Teaching features

Our teachers are not only outstanding in their resumes, they also know how to educate the children well. They lead the students to self-initiated study and provide them with customized learning instructions and thus life-long benefits.

lProfessional and dedicated

lRigorous academic requirement


lEncourage questioning and promote critical thinking

lGuide patiently and encourage participation and expression


In DDC on-line classes the teachers apply flexible teaching methods to promote the students’ participation, interaction and concentration, including

lfrequent on-line interactions to promote the students’ enthusiasm

lencourging questions and inspiration

llooking after the students’ emotions

lhomework management with professional Google Classroom


Who they are



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